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Drop Dead Delicious Sesame Ice Cream

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Fritter & Loaf has been annoying me lately. And it’s not even the dismal half-year intervals between posts. What’s niggling at my conscience at this particularly moment, is our page’s now somewhat problematic name. Fritter & Loaf was born as a place where Seb and I could document our love of food (with unspoken hopes of high-profile magazine features and snazzy dinner invitations – neither of which would ever transpire), but has somehow evolved over […]

The Great Barcelona Escape

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There are a couple of reasons why Seb and I made the daunting decision to pack up our lives, leave everything and everyone we knew behind and move to Germany. But the main one – it goes without saying – was the chance to travel. A lot. Four months in, Seb and I decided that our apartment had been furnished to an acceptable level (we always liked the minimal look anyway), and that the time had […]

Shamefully Good Mushroom Pasta

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Fritter and Loaf oyster mushroom

It’s no secret that I absolutely love carbs. And there is no time that I love carbs more than in the middle of winter. My idea of the perfect winter Saturday at home involves making a pot of this pasta, and curling up in bed with a massive bowl of it. And then, as a metaphorical middle finger to the world’s Banting worshippers, I get up and head back to the kitchen for seconds. Because […]

Beef n’ Stout Beer Pie

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Beef and Castle Milk Stout Pie

There are few things I love more than a long weekend cooking session with a bottle of wine nearby. I rarely polish it all off myself (although…occasionally I do), but whenever a sauce is missing that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ I often find that a generous glug of red or white is enough to save the day. Cooking with beer, on the other hand, has always been a foreign concept to me. Despite the […]

Emily’s Victoria Sponge

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Emily's Victoria Sponge

I have a confession to make. Contrary to popular belief of those who know me, I’m not actually the biggest fan of baking. Gasp! I just don’t find it relaxing, which is pretty much the whole reason I like being in the kitchen in the first place. The precision required to prevent a baking flop is nail-bitingly stressful for many, including me. Cooking, on the other hand, allows you to throw just about anything into […]