When in Berlin

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Spree River, Berlin

Isn’t it funny how life’s best moments are usually the unplanned ones? From impromptu decisions to unintentional detours, it really feels like the magic of life only reveals itself when you’re not looking for it.

A few weekends ago was one such example. With a meagre three days’ notice – Alex, our friend Jonas and I found ourselves huddled in the backseat of a stranger’s car, making our way up to Berlin for the weekend. It was our first trip to the city, our first time using BlaBlaCar (a popular car-sharing platform here) and our first proper experience on the German Autobahn. Flying past other cars at 200km/h – legally – was quite something.

Alex, who would normally be twitching at our lack of detailed itinerary, was reassured by the fact that Berlin was Jonas’ hometown. After all, experiencing a city from a local’s perspective is by far the best way to travel – something we first experienced on our trip to Barcelona.


In between a couple of touristy things – we spent most of our weekend as any young Berliner would: exploring, eating, drinking beer and lying in the sunshine on various patches of grass. That last one especially.

The abundance of stuff to see and do in Berlin is both awesome and overwhelming. The next time we go, I’m certain, will be nothing like our last. Summarising the city is therefore an impossible task, but I’ll do my best to recap our our best bits anyway: lengthy runway strolls at Tempelhof park, Turkish supermarketing in Neukölln, graffiti gallerying in Friedrichshain, late night Reggae in a dodgy park, and a festive evening of Balkan tunes in Kreuzberg.

For everything else, I’ll leave you with our photos. Enjoy!

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Cigarettes in Berlin


Backstreets of Berlin Mitte


Alex hanging out in the loft bed that we stayed in on the first night.






Our humble accommodation for most of the weekend.





Sebastian Ullrich at the Berlin Wall


We didn’t have much to do on the Sunday before our journey home. We found ourselves wondering around this beautiful cemetery in Neukölln.


Jonas – our trusty tour guide.

Whippets in Berlin


Waiting for a train in Berlin

TV Tower, Berlin


The weekend crew (from left); Yazan, Seb, Alex and Jonas





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