Germany, Here We Come!

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It’s official!

Alex and I will be packing up our lives and moving to Germany in a few months’ time. While super exciting, both of us are also terrified at the thought of leaving our families, friends, comfort zones…and restaurants. Eating out in Germany is expensive. Sigh.

Anyway, the kind folk at Zomato have given us some vouchers for Ziggies Caffe in Blairgowrie to celebrate. Which we’d really like to share with you. Ziggies is a really cool and unpretentious spot with something delicious for everyone, although their menu is focused around German cuisine. Something that Alex and I had better get used to…

So if eisbein and craft beer are right up your alley, here’s a chance for you to win. Just tell us below what yummy German things you’d order off the Ziggies Caffe menu – and R200 in vouchers could be yours.

(PS – this giveaway is for the people of Gauteng, since Ziggies Caffe is in Joburg and all. Although if you really want to drive up from Durban or whatever, we won’t argue)

Now take a look at some photos of our trip to Frankfurt two months ago. Soon to be our future home.

Plane to Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt

view my food journey on zomato!



  1. brianjquinton says

    Wow! Everything of the best to you both and for the new adventures in ze land of ze beer and sausages. All the best and please keep us all posted on the experiences…


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