Seb Versus Spain

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February 2018 was an eventful month, to say the least. We were only a few weeks into the new year, but – for both Alex and me – it was already proving to be a rather crappy one. The cold and endless grey showed no signs of relenting, work was uninspiring, homesickness was brewing… and everything, generally, seemed to be a spectacular shade of shmeh.*
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Drop Dead Delicious Sesame Ice Cream

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Fritter & Loaf has been annoying me lately. And it’s not even the dismal half-year intervals between posts.

What’s niggling at my conscience at this particularly moment, is our page’s now somewhat problematic name. Fritter & Loaf was born as a place where Seb and I could document our love of food (with unspoken hopes of high-profile magazine features and snazzy dinner invitations – neither of which would ever transpire), but has somehow evolved over time into everything but…
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Pure Portugal

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The human mind is a strange thing sometimes. In the height of summer, the few days that pushed past 35°C, Alex and I couldn’t wait for winter. Trapped at home in minimal attire, blinds down and fans on full blast, we longingly dreamed of cooler, happier times when everything didn’t feel so… sticky.

Well, here we are, less than two months later – with exactly what we asked for. And yet somehow the damp cold, grey skies and rapidly encroaching darkness isn’t quite as romantic as we imagined. So nowadays, our thoughts drift back to summer. To warmer, happier times when everything didn’t feel so… gloomy.

When our thoughts do wander away, they usually head to Portugal. We travelled all across Europe for work this summer, but Portugal is where we enjoyed a much-needed escape in July. We returned to Frankfurt two weeks later, much browner and rounder, but a chunk of both our hearts definitely stayed behind.

What was it about Portugal? What made it so special?
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A Visit to Palmengarten

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Frankfurt, much like Joburg where I come from, is not at all a tourist’s city. Few people know very much about Frankfurt, and even fewer people have actually spent a good amount of time here. After all, it is a place known for two things: banks and connecting flights. Go figure.

And while I’m very grateful that Frankfurt isn’t overflowing with tacky souvenir shops and selfie sticks, a part of me does feel sad about the city’s underrated reputation. In almost the year that we’ve lived here, Seb and I have fallen in love with Frankfurt. We’ve travelled to many of Europe’s cities now, but coming back to our little metropolis on the Main is always a good feeling. Frankfurt is not an ostentatious place and it’s often not the most exciting place either. It is, however, a city of many treasures if you take the time to look for them.

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When in Berlin

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Spree River, Berlin

Isn’t it funny how life’s best moments are usually the unplanned ones? From impromptu decisions to unintentional detours, it really feels like the magic of life only reveals itself when you’re not looking for it.

A few weekends ago was one such example. With a meagre three days’ notice – Alex, our friend Jonas and I found ourselves huddled in the backseat of a stranger’s car, making our way up to Berlin for the weekend. It was our first trip to the city, our first time using BlaBlaCar (a popular car-sharing platform here) and our first proper experience on the German Autobahn. Flying past other cars at 200km/h – legally – was quite something.

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The Great Barcelona Escape

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There are a couple of reasons why Seb and I made the daunting decision to pack up our lives, leave everything and everyone we knew behind and move to Germany. But the main one – it goes without saying – was the chance to travel. A lot.

Four months in, Seb and I decided that our apartment had been furnished to an acceptable level (we always liked the minimal look anyway), and that the time had come to plunder our savings for a little mid-winter adventure. Having endured two back-to-back winters, our milky skins were crying out for some sunlight. And Barcelona, it was decided, was the perfect place to find it.

So off we went.

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Hello, Heidelberg

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Frankfurt is a wonderful place. This fact cannot be denied. Regardless of the wonderfulness of the city in which you live, however, there will always come a time where an escape (even just a quick one) is absolutely necessary.

This past weekend was one such example. Camping on a mattress on the floor in a furniture-less apartment had finally begun to lose its charm, and our daily routine had started to turn the passing weeks into somewhat of a monotonous blur. The only relief for both of these, Alex and I decided, was a cheap weekend getaway to somewhere close. Heidelberg, a glorious little university town just an hour away, sounded like the perfect destination.

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Finding our Feet in Frankfurt

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Aaaaaaand we’re back!

After more than three months (gasp!) of silence, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know that Seb and I are in fact very much alive. I know, I know – disappearing like that is appalling blogging etiquette. And we’re sorry for that. Really, we are.

As it turns out though, the whole moving continents thing has been slightly more demanding than initially thought. Drama, delays and paperwork disasters, we’ve endured it all. But here we are, finally settling into our new lives and making amends for this unfortunate period of neglect. Today is nothing but a very broad overview, but we promise that more intricate stories of our day-to-day lives are indeed on their way.

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‘Bleak to Chic’ DIY Clock Project

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Fritter and Loaf clock

With our impending move to Germany, food has – unfortunately – taken a bit of a backseat. Instead, just about every minute of our lives has been consumed with thoughts about passports, plane tickets and plans for our future apartment. The last one especially.

As a designer, I’m adamant that my first home WILL be awesome. The problem? Awesome things are often expensive, and we don’t really have much of a budget to work with. Which is why I’ve been thinking a lot about DIY and how we can achieve a rad apartment without bankrupting ourselves.

So, the plan is to start doing lots of inspiring, shortcut-taking home projects that I can share with all of you. As a quick and easy first project, I decided to refurbish a cheap and very generic wall-clock from Clicks and transform it into something a bit more edgy and memorable. And here’s how I did it:

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